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Our hospital’s ophthalmic facility has the latest and most complete line of ocular surgical and diagnostic equipment in this area. These include:

If you are unsure whether we can provide the service needed call us in advance


Patients come to Shield Stone Pet Hospital Eye Clinic from around the Central Valley. While many are referred to us by their primary care veterinarian, our services are also available to patients whom their owner finds us on their own. Although referral by your veterinarian is not mandatory, we do request their contact information so that we may keep your veterinarian informed of our findings and of the progress of your pet’s eye problems. Patients referred from their primary care veterinarian, remember your regular veterinarian will administer your pet’s primary health care.

We offer the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques using state-of-the-art-instrumentation. We will provide a diagnosis, describe the ocular condition in clear and understandable terms, and discuss the necessary recommended medication(s) and treatment. We make every effort to see each client at their appointment time, but emergencies must take precedence. Please be sure to bring your pets information from your referring veterinarian regarding your pet’s medical history (i.e. current medications & up-to-date blood work). This information is beneficial in the diagnosis and management of your pets ocular needs.

Dr. Yoo learned his cataract techniques from a prominent local human ophthalmologist. He further pursued animal ophthalmology studies through seminars and continuing education courses at the University Of Florida School Of Veterinary Medicine. Many of his skills were also learned through independent studies. Dr. Yoo is not a board certified ophthalmologist, however, his talent and knowledge have been serving local pet owners for over 25 years.

Dr. Yoo is highly-trained and experienced veterinary professional, who devotes himself to keeping current on the newest information and learning new techniques for his patients. So whenever an ophthalmology problem arises Dr. Yoo is ready to assist you and your pet.

Besides being a general practice, Dr. Yoo has been taking care of eye problems in the Fresno area for over 25 years. As time passed he realized that eyes need different attention than the general body. Many eye problems require immediate attention and no such service was available in this area. Which led to Dr. Yoo setting up a separate clinic where eye examinations and surgery can be performed. Our eye clinic is fully equipped to handle all types of eye problems.

Eye Exams are by appointment only. Available Monday-Thursday 8:30 am to 10:30 am. 




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  • ​​Eyelid & all forms of eyelid surgery: Entropion Surgery, Ectropion Surgery, Growth on eyelid, etc.
  • Nictating Gland: Cherry Eye Surgery (Tacking or Surgically Remove)
  • Cornea Conjunctiva Pedicle Flap

The Ophthalmology Services at Shield Stone Pet Hospital provide scheduled care for animals with eye and vision problems. Our Eye Clinic has some of the best eye surgery equipment in human and animal medicine. Below are some of the types of eye services and surgery we provide.


Alcon Infinity Phacoemulsification System:

This is the 2011 new version for cataract surgery. It is the most advanced machine in the cataract surgery world, including human medicine.


A tonopen measures the pressure in the eye to check for glaucoma.

Indirect ophthalmoscope/KOWA SL 14 slit lamp:

Eyes are viewed using an indirect ophthalmoscope gives the ability to see eye response to light & different reflections as well as the ability to view the cornea and retina with magnification if needed.

Ophthalmic ultrasound:

An ultrasound is performed on each eye to view if the retina is intact. If the retina is detached cataract surgery is not an option since the patient will not be able to see with a detached retina.

Weck operating microscope: 

Allows the doctor to view minuscule objects through the microscope. This microscope is used specifically for eye surgeries such as cataract surgery.

Frigitronics CE-2000 Cryosurgical System:

A probe is applied to the eye without any incision into the tissue, then Co2 is used to freeze the eye to help reduce the pressure in the eye. It is considered to be less invasive type of procedure than incisional surgery. This procedure is used for patients with glaucoma.