• Dog Vaccines-After the initial puppy vaccines the following is recommended
  • DHLPP Vaccine given annually if your dog(s) are outdoor only or indoor/outdoor.
  • DAPP Vaccine given every 3 years if your dog is strictly indoors. However, we strongly recommend annual examinations to ensure your pet is healthy and happy.
  • Rabies vaccine given every 3 years after initial annual vaccine.
  • Bordetella vaccine recommended annually for dogs that go to groomers, dog parks, boarded, or are around un-vaccinated dogs.
  • Canine H3N2 & H3N8 Flu Vaccine is given annually after initial booster. Recommended annually for dogs that go to groomers, dog parks, boarded, or are around un-vaccinated dogs. 

  • Cat Vaccines-After the initial kitten vaccines the following is recommended
  • Frcpc & Felv Vaccine given annually if you have a multi-cat household or your cat(s) are indoor/outdoor.
  • Frcpc & Felv Vaccine given every 3 years if your cat is strictly indoors and 3 years old or older. However, we strongly recommend annual examinations to ensure your pet is healthy and happy.
  • Rabies Vaccine given every 3 years after initial annual vaccine.


  • ​​Wellness Examination-We recommend annual health examinations. During an exam the following is examined: skin/coat, ears, heart rhythm, lungs sound, and mouth (if pet is willing).


  • Diagnosing and treating non-surgical illness and/or diseases. For example treating a skin allergy with medication prescribed by the Veterinarian.


  • Our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked with medications readily available. If our pharmacy does not carry a specific medication needed we can either order the medication or write a script so that it can be filled at another pharmacy.



Our hospital is equipped with the standard veterinary equipment as well as advanced equipment.

General/Orthopedic Surgery

  • We provide all types of soft tissue surgical services (mass removal) and some orthopedic surgical services such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)/CCL (cranial cruciate ligament), and Luxated Patella.

Eye Examinations & Surgery

Digital X-Ray

  • Our digital X-ray machine produces the highest quality radiographs, allowing our doctors to see fine detail and subtle changes.

Dental X-Ray

  • Our hand held digital X-ray machine allows us to conveniently take X-rays during a dental to ensure proper root extraction is being performed.

In-House Laboratory

  • Our in-house laboratory provides fast and accurate test results. These results are used as baselines to assist in monitoring your pet’s health. In some cases outside laboratory services may be needed to expand what our hospital can offer and broaden the scope of diagnostic testing.


  • When an irregular heart rhythm is detected on clinical examination, an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) should be performed. An EKG analysis is a safe, simple test that provides us with valuable information about your pet’s health.

Pet I.D. Micro-chipping

  • We microchip using AVID microchips. The microchip is inserted below the skin, where it will stay for the life of the animal. The microchip helps return the pet to the owner. Why should I microchip? It only takes one time for the mailman, gardener, neighbor or friend to leave the gate open or the door. Unaltered pets in particular have a desire to roam. Pet theft is also a daily occurrence. Most shelters either euthanize or adopt out if a pet has no identification and not claimed by the owner.

Dental Care

  • We provide extensive dental care with the use of ultrasonic scaling below the gum line, followed by a thorough polishing. Along with basic cleaning we also provide the following services: digital dental x-rays, root canals, and fillings. See Preventative Oral Care & Dentistry.


  • Use of the endoscope and laparoscopy allows our patients to experience less pain, faster recovery times and examination of gastrointestinal tract, the endoscope can be used to take samples for biopsy without the need for surgery. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery.


  • Our ultrasound allows high quality, noninvasive imaging of the abdomen and chest.

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