Baby and Dogs

Not matter how nice or friendly your dog is they should always be monitored when a baby is around. Neither the dog or the baby can speak up if they are not feeling well or uncomfortable. Click the link below to learn how to keep both your baby and dog safe.

For more information on house training click the link:


Nipping Puppy

Puppies teeth just like babies do. When they do chewing toys and other items around the house occurs often. Sometimes that chewing can turn into play biting and then into nipping. Click the link to read more about nipping puppies.

Microchipping your dog and/or cat gives them that extra chance of finding their way home. Even if they are strictly indoors only we recommend microchipping. There is always a small chance of them accidentally getting out. 

Before bringing your new family member into your home have them examined by a Veterinarian to ensure they are healthy. If unsure recommend to quarantine them separate from your other pets until your veterinarian advises otherwise. When you first get your new family member review their vaccine records. Vaccinating your pet and ensuring they are fully up to date on vaccines is important to their health. Go to preventative medicine to see what vaccines your pet needs. 

Bringing a  new family member into your home can be exciting. If you are a first time pet owner or would like to brush up on your pet care info. this is the page for you.

Crate Training

​The misconception of your pet being in a crate is cruel is not true. A dog when properly crate trained feels comfortable and safe in their crate. Click the link to read more about crate training.

Tips on Housetraining: Dogs

​​​Monitor: Do not let your your pet wander the house without supervision. Monitor him/her at all times or confine to a small area of the house.

Sniffing/Circling: If you see them sniffing the ground or circling immediately take them outside or to a potty pad.

Scheduled Meals: Feed them on a set schedule such as breakfast and lunch. Do not leave extra food out for them to graze through out the day. About 20-30 minutes after they eat or drink water take them outside or to a potty pad.

Commands: When you take them outside or to their potty pad give a verbal command such as "potty time". Use the same command each time so they will associate it with going potty.

Rewards: When he/she goes potty in the desired area give a verbal praise with a positive attitude. After they potty you may also give them a treat. Once they start to catch on to the command start to decrease the treats. 

House Soiling: If your pet goes potty inside the home do not physically reprimand them. In a stern tone tell them bad boy/girl. If you see them going potty inside pick them up and carry them outside or to their potty pad. After they go potty outside/on a potty pad praise them. Any area in the home they have soiled cleaned immediately.

MICROCHIPPING your new family member...

VACCINATING your new family member...