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1. Check fencing in your yard to ensure it is stable and can with stand a large breed dog if they jump on the fence. 

2. Check for any holes underneath the fencing. If a small hole fill it in with dirt or use brick if needed.

3. If your dog likes to digs place chicken wire or other type of fencing underground. Attach the underground fencing to the bottom of the original fence.

4. If your dog is an escape artist purchase a galvanized kennel to place in your backyard. If no one will be home or at night place them in the kennel for extra security. Chain link not recommended as some dogs can stretch out the chain link enough to escape.

5. Make your dog an indoor only dog. When outside to go potty ensure someone is outside with them to monitor or always have them on a leash.

The most kind and gentle dog can become protective of their own home and the area they live in. If they escape their own yard/home​ they can possibly harm someone or another animal nearby. Here are a few tips to help keep your beloved dog safe as well as your neighbors:

Owning a large breed dog is wonderful and can make you feel secure in your own home. Although it can carry some responsibility for the safety of not only yourself but for your neighbors as well. 

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Dr. Shim & Dr. Hwang are MARRIED!


Bringing a new family member to your home can be exciting. Here are some overall care tips.​

Preventing illness is easier than treating an illness. Learn how to maintain your pets health such as the following: Dental, Skin & Ear Care, Routine Vaccinations, etc.

Click the tab to learn more on prevention.​​


Congratulations to Dr. Shim and Dr. Hwang! They found time with their busy schedule to tie the knot. 


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